A group music blog of weekly themes. Each week, the moderator will pick a new theme and the members will post songs that fit, especially rare gems others may have not heard before.

We will call attention to forgotten gems and songs that have stood the test of time!

(We wish to stand out from the other blogs out there with this collection of rarities.)

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The Psychedelic Furs,
The Psychedelic Furs

Artist: The Psychedelic Furs
Track: Sister Europe
Album: The Psychedelic Furs
Year: 1980
Theme: Sisters


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Welcome to Mexico... Asshole

Artist: Pigface
Track: Little Sisters
Album: Welcome to Mexico… Asshole
Year: 1992
Theme: Sisters

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Jim Carroll Band,
Catholic Boy

Artist: Jim Carroll Band
Track: Three Sisters
Album: Catholic Boy
Year: 1980
Theme: Sisters

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The Singing Nun


Artist: The Singing Nun
Track: Dominique
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1963
Theme: Sisters

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The Smiths


Artist: The Smiths
Track: Shakespear’s Sister
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1985
Theme: Sisters

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Elvis Presley


Artist: Elvis Presley
Track: Little Sister
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1961
Theme: Sisters

My personal favorite semi-version of this song is Hey Memphis by Lavern Baker, which was her answer to this here Elvis song, but I couldn’t find it.

Listen up Elvis, from Memphis.

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Bob Dylan,

Artist: Bob Dylan
Track: Oh, Sister
Album: Desire
Year: 1976
Theme: Sisters

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Artist: Affinity
Track: Three Sisters
Album: Affinity
Year: 1970
Theme: Sisters

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The Rolling Stones


Artist: The Rolling Stones
Track: Sister Morphine
Album: Sticky Fingers
Year: 1971
Theme: Sisters

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Crowded House


Artist: Crowded House
Track: Sister Madly
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1988
Theme: Sisters

A big fan of Neil Finn in his Split Enz incarnation and Crowded House reincarnation.

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V/A (Kim Deal & Tanya Donelly)


Artist: V/A (Kim Deal & Tanya Donelly)
Track: You And Your Sister
Album: This Mortal Coil / Blood
Year: 1991
Theme: Sisters

Pardon the repeat post, I know someone already posted the Chris Bell version of this song, but Kim Deal & Tanya Donelly, KIM DEAL & TANYA DONELLY!

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Artist: America
Track: Sister Golden Hair
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1975
Theme: Sisters

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The Stone Roses,
The Stone Roses

Artist: The Stone Roses
Track: Song For My Sugar Spun Sister
Album: The Stone Roses
Year: 1989
Theme: Sisters

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Juliana Hatfield Three

Artist: Juliana Hatfield Three
Track: My Sister

Album: Become What You Are
Year: 1993
Theme: Sisters

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Horace Silver,
Blowin' The Blues Away

Artist: Horace Silver
Track: Sister Sadie
Album: Blowin’ Away the Blues
Year: 1959
Theme: Sisters