A group music blog of weekly themes. Each week, the moderator will pick a new theme and the members will post songs that fit, especially rare gems others may have not heard before.

We will call attention to forgotten gems and songs that have stood the test of time!

(We wish to stand out from the other blogs out there with this collection of rarities.)

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Electro-Shock Blues

Artist: Eels
Track: Hospital Food
Album: Electro-Shock Blues
Year: 1998
Theme: Healthcare

14 plays
Thomas Dolby


Artist: Thomas Dolby
Track: Hyperactive
Album: 45 rpm single
Year: 1984
Theme: Healthcare

19 plays

Artist: Suede
Track: Sleeping Pills
Album: Suede
Year: 1993
Theme: Healthcare

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The Ramones,
Ramones Mania (1988) Remaster (2008)

Artist: Ramones
Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
Album: Leaving Home
Year: 1976
Theme: Healthcare

The Ramones were the leading chroniclers of the American healthcare system, with at least four key works on the subject….

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Sacred Irony,
Bruisingly Loud

Artist: Sacred Irony
Track: I Am Your Doctor

Album: demos
Year: 1970
Theme: Healthcare

From one of Mitch Easter’s first bands

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Pink Mountaintops,
Get Back

Artist: Pink Mountaintops
Track: Ambulance City
Album: Get Back
Year: 2014 
Theme: Healthcare

A Butthole Surfers vibe?

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Smokin' Joe Kubek,
Roadhouse Research

Artist: Smokin’ Joe Kubek & Bnois King
Track: Healthy Mama
Album: Roadhouse Research 
Year: 2003
Theme: Healthcare

2 plays
Oil and Gold

Artist: Shriekback
Track: Health and Knowledge and Wealth and Power
Album: Oil and Gold
Year: 1985
Theme: Healthcare

4 plays
John Cooper Clarke,
Urgh! A Music War - OST

Artist: John Cooper Clarke
Track: Health Fanatic
Album: Urgh! A Music War - OST
Year: 1981
Theme: Healthcare

71 plays
TV on the Radio,
New Health Rock EP

Artist: TV on the Radio
Track: New Health Rock
Album: single
Year: 2004 
Theme: Healthcare

38 plays
City Boy,
City Boy

Artist: City Boy
Track: Surgery Hours (Doctor, Doctor)
Album: City Boy
Year: 1976
Theme: Healthcare

4,869 plays
When Your Heart Stops Beating

Artist: +44
Track: When Your Heart Stops Beating
Album: When Your Heart Stops Beating
Year: 2006
Theme: Healthcare

12 plays
The White Stripes,
Get Behind Me Satan

Artist: The White Stripes
Track: The Nurse
Album: Get Behind Me Satan
Year: 2005
Theme: Healthcare

20 plays
Rubble Vol. 17: A Trip In A Painted World

Artist: The Act
Track: The Remedies of Dr. Brohnicoy
Album: Columbia DB 8331
Year: 1968
Theme: Healthcare

94 plays
The Velvet Underground,
White Light/White Heat

Artist: The Velvet Underground
Track: Lady Godiva’s Operation
Album: White Light/White Heat
Year: 1968
Theme: Healthcare