A group music blog of weekly themes. Each week, the moderator will pick a new theme and the members will post songs that fit, especially rare gems others may have not heard before.

We will call attention to forgotten gems and songs that have stood the test of time!

(We wish to stand out from the other blogs out there with this collection of rarities.)

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Posts tagged "1994"
300 plays

Artist: Soundgarden
Track: Black Hole Sun
Album: Superunknown
Year: 1994
Theme: Holes


818 plays
Nine Inch Nails,
The Downward Spiral

Artist: Nine Inch Nails
Track: Hurt
Album: The Downward Spiral
Year: 1994
Theme: Original Versions


165 plays
Definitely Maybe

Artist: Oasis
Track: Cigarettes & Alcohol
Album: Definitely Maybe
Year: 1994
Theme: Smoking

10 plays
Sky Cries Mary,
This Timeless Turning

Artist: Sky Cries Mary
Track: Objects in the Mirror
Album: This Timeless Turning
Year: 1994
Theme: Mirrors

219 plays

Artist: Soundgarden
Track: 4th Of July
Album: Superunknown 
Year: 1994
Theme: Not Christmas

20 plays
ZZ Top,
One Foot In The Blues

Artist: ZZ Top
Track: Brown Sugar
Album: One Foot In The Blues
Year: 1994
Theme: Brown

989 plays
Corrosion Of Conformity,

Artist: Corrosion of Conformity
Track: Without Wings
Album: Deliverance
Year: 1994
Theme: Head Games


149 plays
Blue Album

Artist: Weezer
Track: In The Garage
Album: Weezer (Blue Album)
Year: 1994
Theme: Dropped Names

I’ve got posters on the wall
My favorite rock group KISS
I’ve got Ace Frehley
I’ve got Peter Criss
Waiting there for me
Yes I do, I do”

129 plays
Crooked Rain Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins

Artist: Pavement
Track: Range Life
Album: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Year: 1994
Theme: Dropped Names

Out on tour with The Smashing Pumpkins
Nature kids, I they don’t have no function
I don’t understand what they mean
And I could really give a fuck

The Stone Temple Pilots, they’re elegant bachelors
They’re foxy to me are they foxy to you?”

19 plays
Barenaked Ladies,
Maybe You Should Drive


Artist: Barenaked Ladies
Track: These Apples
Album: Maybe You Should Drive
Year: 1994 
Theme: Fruit

These apples are delicious
As a matter of fact they are, she said
Can all this fruit be free?

59 plays
Weezer (Blue)

Artist: Weezer
Track: Holiday
Album: Weezer
Year: 1994
Theme: Vacation

49 plays
Latin Playboys,
Latin Playboys

Artist: Latin Playboys
Track: Crayon Sun
Album: Latin Playboys
Year: 1994
Theme: The Sun


49 plays
Disco Inferno,
DI Go Pop

Artist: Disco Inferno
Track: In Sharky Water
Album: D.I. Go Pop
Year: 1994
Theme: Fish

59 plays

Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Track: Catfish Blues
Album: Blues
Year: 1994
The Theme Is: Fish


31 plays
The Tragically Hip,
Day for Night


Artist: The Tragically Hip

Song: Grace, Too

Album: Day For Night

Year: 1994

Theme: First or Last Song