A group music blog of weekly themes. Each week, the moderator will pick a new theme and the members will post songs that fit, especially rare gems others may have not heard before.

We will call attention to forgotten gems and songs that have stood the test of time!

(We wish to stand out from the other blogs out there with this collection of rarities.)

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Posts tagged "1994"
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Sixteen Stone


Artist: Bush
Track: Comedown
Album: Sixteen Stone
Year: 1994
Theme: Drugs

12 plays
Stone Temple Pilots,

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Track: Silvergun Superman
Album: Purple
Year: 1994
Theme: GHooks

99 plays
Acoustic Alchemy,
Against The Grain

Artist: Acoustic Alchemy
Track: Against the Grain
Album: Against the Grain
Year: 1994
Theme: GHooks


1,051 plays
Veruca Salt,
American Thighs

Artist: Veruca Salt
Track: All Hail Me
Album: American Thighs
Year: 1994
Theme: Heavy Metal GHooks


12,371 plays
Jeff Buckley,
Grace (Legacy Edition)

Artist: Jeff Buckley
Track: Last Goodbye
Album: Grace
Year: 1994
Theme: Separation

213 plays
Pink Floyd,
The Division Bell

Artist: Pink Floyd
Track: Poles Apart
Album: The Division Bell
Year: 1994
Theme: Separation

357 plays

Artist: Pulp
Track: Do You Remember The First Time?
Album: His ‘n’ Hers
Year: 1994
Theme: Remembering

49 plays
Nick Lowe,
The Impossible Bird

Artist: Nick Lowe
Track: 12-Step Program
Album: The Impossible Bird
Year: 1994
Theme: Plans

Step five: I will acquire a whole new jive.

3,551 plays
They Might Be Giants,
John Henry

Artist: They Might Be Giants
Track: No One Knows My Plan
AlbumJohn Henry
Year: 1994
Theme: Plans

2,273 plays

Artist: Weezer

Track: Say it Ain’t So

Album: Weezer (The Blue Album)

Year: 1994

Theme: He Said She Said

59 plays
Kitchens of Distinction,
Cowboys & Aliens

Artist: Kitchens of Distinction
Track: Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye
Album: Cowboys & Aliens
Year: 1994
Theme: He Said She Said

69 plays

Artist: James
Track: Say Something
Album: Laid
Year: 1994
Theme: He Said She Said

19 plays
The Tragically Hip,
Day For Night

Artist: The Tragically Hip
Track: Nautical Disaster
Album: Day For Night
Year: 1994
Theme: Boats

39 plays
The Divine Comedy,

Artist: The Divine Comedy
Track: Tonight We Fly
Album: Promenade
Year: 1994
Theme: Tonight

49 plays
Guided By Voices,
Bee Thousand

Artist: Guided By Voices
Track: Gold Star For Robot Boy
Album: Bee Thousand
Year: 1994
Theme: Precious Metals